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You are an unemployed entrepreneur, and for a long time you are bristling with a marketable idea, you fell will become an immense success.

Your gut and intuition say to proceed with it. Your near and dear ones are happy and encourage you to start a venture as they feel it’s a great idea.

Some amount of savings that you have accumulated over some years in employment is useful while some you will get from near and dear ones. But what about the rest requirement for funds?

Anything to start and run professionally, significant financing is required. After many brainstorming sessions, you, along with your business partner, have decided to take the help of angel investors as equity.

You understand that the process may seem to be simple and more effortless said than done. The pitching and completing the deal with such high profile investor experts is an arduous task. It’s first selling oneself and then selling the idea and its product.

Last but not least, convincing the investors is that this idea of the venture over some time will give them more than average return in supernormal profits.


Following factors list the necessary things required to make a successful pitch for acquiring any funding:


The necessary process of putting across a successful pitch is to make the investors understand the need for a solution.

Frequently the product chosen to solve might have the answer as well. And so it becomes utter waste in researching about an already solved problem.

It starts from an innovative idea and thinking about out of the box solutions to cater to the masses need.

The idea to be put to implementation should be marketable, realistic, as well as profitable within a specified period. And this proposition has to be patiently explained to the investors.


To support this idea, feasibility and other accompanying reports can come into practice along with the explanations.

The research findings of the feasibility of the idea or project need explanation. It is in terms of what consumers want and the timeline for a minimum period of three years.

Idea accompanied by return numbers and other research findings from authentic sources will make the project more realistic and worth considering.


Additionally along with various reports, if a model is made in the same manner as it intends to float in the future, this gives a practical scenario of how the idea would work and its other technicalities.

It would further affirm the beliefs of the investors into the project idea and make this presentation more compelling and evident.


This aspect of human resources is tricky as to make people like and affirm human resources are difficult.

The investors have already established names in their respective fields. So if the human resources aspect is not well taken care of, then they might feel that the whole business proposition is not worth implementation.

It is because people have the full power and responsibility of making the venture idea a huge success.

Human Resources associated with this idea should be there in the industry, along with proper credentials in terms of various professional degrees.

By getting in board Industry veterans and other experienced experts will make the presentation even more comfortable to pitch.


This aspect requires making a Performa budget and cash flow statement along with explaining to them as to what all major uses the funds would deploy.

The Performa CFS and budget can be for three years or more than three years, and this would give the experts some rough idea of the direction of the venture to take place sometime down the line.


Once the above steps have explained patiently, and the investors agree of the idea venture, then this next step comes into picture.

Kudos, the making of the deal or deal cracker is now in practice here.

This primarily comes into apply based on valuation and other technical things as well as based on the forecasting made in profit and loss account.

Additionally, another deal cracking factor is the rate of return or the number of possible profits that the investors might get in the future.

If the calculation, the entrepreneur states, is at par with their estimates, then the deal goes through a green signal.


Additionally a person, not wanting to go through the equity route can take the option of loan from online lenders.

Easy, fast and quick, text loans are one sure shot way to any kind of financial needs, whether emergency or not.

To fund your startup idea or to pay for your own higher education or oven for the medical costs of your aged mother, various loans by accredited lenders are very handy.

Once a text sent to the number mentioned in the lending website, the agents from the company will visit the premises of the borrower and complete all formalities.

The unbelievable fact is that the amount loaned gets credited into the bank account of the borrower within a few hours or even within the same day itself.

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